About the idea

Alan Rosen created Simple by Choice with the desire to help people discover the strengths they never knew they had and the goals that lie dormant and unfulfilled, with the idea that everyone has the choice to create the life they desire. After a company restructuring in early 2014, Alan took time to re-evaluate himself and came to the conclusion that he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, even though he was in his late 40s! Considering being laid off as a blessing-in-disguise, he made the leap and hired a coach, which led to the revelation that coaching others and helping them make impactful changes in their lives was his calling.

Simple by Choice is an extension of Alan’s belief that one can have what they desire and still have a simple life. One does not have to necessarily give up what they want while seeking simplicity, nor does one have to strive to accumulate more and more just because one is “supposed” to, or “should” have certain things; one can achieve their own version of success without necessarily having what society dictates. With regards to relationships between two or more people or even one’s relationship with oneself, simple-by-choice is a motto to live by. Everyone has reminders of when they’re moving into complications: something just doesn’t feel right, communication starts to get unclear, or arguments begin. A Simple by Choice philosophy looks at choosing to increase one’s awareness of when things are going right, as well as when they aren’t, discovering one’s own values and strengths, and creating sustainable, long-term change.

About Alan

Alan is an Associate Certified Coach, having earned the credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). He attended the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) where he became a Certified Professional Coach as well as an ELI-MP practitioner, allowing him to offer the Energy Leadership Index assessment. Currently a member of the International Coach Federation, Alan earned his BA in Psychology from Boston University and MS in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University.

Before discovering his passion for coaching, Alan worked in IT market research and has experience in retail management and social services. Additionally, he lived in Mexico for 8 years where he worked in the travel industry as well as created his own translation agency and English instruction company.

Alan has been happily married to his wife, Martha, since 2001, and they currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been involved with yoga and meditation practices since 1990, and is a dog and cat lover. Alan enjoys walking, hiking, reading, and watching movies.