“I have had the honor of working with a number of great coaches over the past five years.  Alan Rosen stands out as one of the best.  His insight and superb listening skills create an environment where one can peel through the layers of limiting beliefs and assumptions in order to create meaningful steps toward reaching one’s true potential.  For this reason, I chose to work with him personally.  It wasn’t long before I had my “aha” moment that shifted my thinking and allowed me to move forward in my career.  Thank you, Alan!”

~Kris L. from Connecticut

“Through his insightful questions and great listening skills, Alan helped me find greater clarity during a period of transition in my life.  He is a caring and organized coach who helped me gain greater control so I could progress much further in a shorter amount of time.  I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

~Charlie C. from Connecticut

“Thank you, Alan, for the wonderful workshop you offered about how to experience fulfillment, positivity, and opportunity in life through creating gratitude. Since the workshop last week, it has amazed me how this magic word, gratitude, has lingered in my mind. I’ve noticed that daily tasks such as my gardening have become more enjoyable and I get even more done. In addition, communicating with my husband, particularly expressing my needs and feelings, has become easier and much more open. Thanks again for your inspiring support. You are a great facilitator and coach!”

~Marie W., a workshop participant from Massachusetts

“The Coaching relationship is a safe, nurturing place where the client is empowered by thought-provoking, future-focused, inner-directed questions posed by the Coach. I was able to shift from an essentially functional level to an optimal level by Alan listening to my plight and asking the right, probing questions that not only had me taking decisive action, but, at the end of each coaching call, I felt propelled to be, do and have the best. The shifts I’ve enjoyed were made possible by Alan’s  coaching expertise. Thanks Alan, for your ability to delve deep, ask questions and be bold enough to keep my feet to the fire!”

~Gerry P. from Washington D.C.

“Alan Rosen saved my marriage!  His gentle, thoughtful and poignant questions helped us find a better space.  A superlative listener, the intonations of his simple “hmm,” “yeah” or “tell me more” — what a recent Wall Street Journal article calls “minimal encouragers” — seemed to effortlessly unlock insight and wisdom already inside us.  At the end of our sessions, it was clear to us the incredible value he had created in our relationship in little ways like a commitment for me to cook dinners and Laura giving herself permission to hire a cleaning service — simple conversations we had through Alan with each other we would never have had otherwise.  These, of course, are symptoms of habits of habitation couples unwittingly find themselves trapped in, without even realizing they are so.  He facilitated a better understanding, appreciation and sense of joy between us.  Then at the end of our calls when our gratitude statements would come out, Alan, humble as he is, would feign his role saying “you guys did all the work.”  ….maybe so, maybe it was our “sweat and effort” out on the field advancing the ball, but without Alan on the sideline encouraging, enabling, and inspiring, we wouldn’t be experiencing each other the way we are now!  THANK YOU ALAN!”

~Jon H. from Connecticut